Prospects We’re Thankful For

We’ve had a great year at Royals Farm.  We’re thankful to all of our readers for having a passion for the Royals minor leagues.  We’re thankful for minor league baseball as a whole.  We’re thankful to those prospects who have taken time to talk with us and give our readers their perspectives through interviews.  We are thankful to the Royals brass for talking with us and giving us a glimpse into how they operate and what they are looking forward too.  And we’re thankful for all of our writers sharing what they believe about minor league players.  Thank you for reading.

Last Thanksgiving we started doing a post on prospects we’re thankful for.  This year I’m thankful for Kyle Isbel.  Isbel was the Royals third round pick in the 2018 draft and first position player selected by the Royals.  Isbel is a true CF prospect.  He has the speed, pop, and even though he hasn’t been an outfielder for very long he has the defensive combination that the Royals really value.

Isbel tore up Idaho Falls before his promotion to Lexington.  He came back down to earth a little but still showed the extra base potential that scouts look for.  Isbel is more of a gap to gap guy, but will hit his fair share of home runs.  He profiles as a guy who hits at the top of the order who sets the table by getting on base, can put himself into scoring position with his speed, and can drive guys in with his bat.  I look forward to his first full season in pro ball.

Photo credit goes to Alex Slitz and the Lexington Herald.

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