Royals Add Staumont, Blewett, and Hernandez to 40-Man Roster

The Royals have added three RHPs to their 40-man roster.  Josh Staumont, Scott Blewett, and Arnaldo Hernandez are one step closer to their dreams of pitching in the major leagues.

Josh Staumont has a big arm and can hit triple digits with his fastball.  His control has always been his issue.  Alex wrote about him earlier this summer and you can read about him and being a starting pitcher here.  We are actually working on a post about him and his future possibilities for the Royals right now, so expect that soon.

I recently wrote about Scott Blewett and him proving he deserved a 40-man spot in the AFL.  Blewett had an awesome AFL and finished his season in NWA strong.  He won AFL pitcher of the week for the first week of the fall season and is projected to continue to improve his arsenal by adding a slider late this season.  You can read his Prospect Watch here.

Arnaldo Hernandez also pitched in the AFL.  I wrote about him earlier this fall and how he had become a legitimate prospect for the Royals.  Hernandez had an awesome season and basically skipped Double-A only making a few starts there before going to Omaha.  I broke down his stuff a little more in depth here including GIFs of his pitches.

Royals Farm congratulates all three young men on their addition to the MLB roster.  We expect some great things from them and will continue to bring you all up to date news about them and all other Royals prospects.

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