Royals Prospect Database for the Arizona Fall League

News: All Royals Staff Pitches Shutout
AFL Week in Review: October 9-14


UPDATE:  The Royals have added a seventh player to the AFL roster.  RHP Arnaldo Hernandez joins the other six Royals guys in Arizona.  I will post Arnaldo at the bottom if you want to read more about him.

OCTOBER 9:  The Royals are sending six players to the Arizona Fall League.  I’ve put together a compilation of articles about these six players so that you have an easier place to click and find out about them.  The Royals prospects play for the Surprise Saguaros at Surprise Stadium used by the Royals and Rangers for spring training.  The league schedule begins Tuesday, October 9.

Khalil Lee – Alex wrote about the Royals number 1 prospect here in an article called “Is There Anyone Out There Like Khalil Lee?

Nick Heath – Alex interviewed Nick Heath in this article.  I followed up with a Prospect Watch.

Meibrys Viloria – Patrick did a Prospect Watch on Meibrys Viloria.  Aaron wrote a quick blurb about him here.  Alex added a story about how we should “Pay Attention to Meibrys Viloria this Fall.”

Scott Blewett – I did a Prospect Watch on Scott Blewett.  I wrote an article about how Blewett is proving he deserves a spot on the Royals 40-man roster.

Grant Gavin – Alex did a Prospect Watch on Grant Gavin.  I also interviewed Grant about their cultural trip to the Dominican Republic before the 2018 season.  Alex also wrote an article about “Kansas City Native Grant Gavin is Dominating on the Royals’ Farm” back in mid-season 2017.

Walker Sheller – I did a Prospect Watch on Walker Sheller.  Alex did an interview with Sheller you should read here.  I also wrote about “The Question Walker Sheller has to Answer in the AFL.”

Arnaldo Hernandez – I wrote a scouting report about Hernandez including GIFs of his pitches after watching his first start at NWA this past season.  Josh wrote about him being an unheralded prospect shortly after in this article.

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