Welcome to the bigs, Meibrys Viloria!

At just 21 years old, Meibrys Viloria made his major league debut going one-for-three with a double. Over September, Viloria held a 63 wRC+ with a .286 OBP. This is not exactly great, but I did like what I saw from him behind the plate. I don’t think he is major league ready in any part of his game, but I can definitely see Viloria being an average-to-plus defender behind the plate someday.

For a kid coming out of Hi-A, not much more can be expected. I don’t think he is bound for Double-A next year, but with the MLB roster being one of the youngest in the league, crazier things could happen; maybe even Triple-A or MLB if Perez is traded this off-season. With Viloria making his debut, we can see with Melendez, Rivero, Gallagher, and Vallot (ehhhh), the Royals have proven that catching is a strong-suit of their system.

Baltimore Orioles v Kansas City Royals

Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the bigs, Meibrys Viloria!

  1. With a lot of the young pitchers and Melendez headed for A+ next year, best might be AA for Viloria, work with that part of the wave and leave Melendez with the next year of it. If Cam can’t hit as back up next year, Viloria would be the likely call up as on the 40 man. LHH catchers do have some uses.


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