Minor League Minutes: 8/21/18 – Jake Newberry looks great in big league debut

Jake finished with 1.2 scoreless innings in relief, with 3 strikeouts in his big league debut. Congrats Jake!

MJ Melendez is on pace to break the South Atlantic League home run record by a teenage catcher.

As you can see, along with a chance to hit more HR than any teenage catcher in the league, Melendez also leads the pack in ISO and is near the top in SwStr%.

Hope is not lost for Foster Griffin.

Last year, as the fastball was coming in, it had a lot of life, jumping arm side with movement.  This year, that is still there, it just isn’t as sharp.  This could be due to a slight loss of velo or could indicate that he is not transitioning energy into the ball as well as he did last year.  As in all things, it’s probably a combination of both.

Shaun Newkirk over at Royals Review gives his take on the Royals top 20 prospects.

#1 LHP Richard Lovelady – AAA Omaha

Even though I’m starting from scratch, Lovelady still tops my list based on how I look at guys in the minors. There is no one else in the system I don’t think that has the highest probability to be a successful major leaguer at their respective role. There are certainly higher upsides, but when you mix probability and upside, I think Lovelady wins out.

The farm system has improved, but it still has a long way to go, writes Max Rieper.

Despite these improvements, the farm system is still considered near the bottom in baseball, according to experts. Baseball America, who ranked the Royals second-worst in organizational talent before the season, recently updated their organizational rankings mid-season, but still have the Royals at #26.

Charlie Neuweiler reminds me a bit of Astros rejuvenated stud Charlie Morton. Check out that thread for more.

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