I Voted: My personal top 30 Royals prospects list

Democracy is one of (if not the) the single greatest inventions that human beings have ever come up with. In times that you may forget that, it helps when people from different backgrounds remind you just how lucky we are to live in a country that is built on the foundation of democracy.

I went and voted yesterday. I was there to vote specifically on a bond/levy that will affect the school district that I work in, but I also voted for a friend running in a municipal election, my identifying parties senate election, and on Prop A (don’t worry about specifics).

As a high school social studies teacher, I beg my students to vote when they become of age. It is our civic duty to vote. It’s how we make sure that things are done the way that we want them to be run. It doesn’t always work out the way we want it to, but the system works when it is run honestly.

Included in my recent voting habits was a vote I submitted for our Royals prospects list. If you read our Mid-Season Top 100, you know that our rankings were from an aggregate of four of our writers lists. Now that you’ve seen the aggregate, I want to share my personal top 30 list with you.

Fair warning: this is an extremely fickle and fluid list. Every time I look at it I want to move a guy up or down one. It’s impossible to make a perfect list. Don’t read too much into each ranking, more the tiers that I put them in. My tier 1 prospects are pretty interchangeable, as are tier 2 and 3, etc.

Tier 1:

1.) Khalil Lee
2.) Jackson Kowar
3.) MJ Melendez
4.) Seuly Matias
5.) Brady Singer
6.) Nick Pratto
7.) Nicky Lopez
8.) Michael Gigliotti
9.) Richard Lovelady

Tier 2:

10.) Gabriel Cancel
11.) Yefri del Rosario
12.) Daniel Lynch
13.) Blake Perkins
14.) Daniel Tillo
15.) Kyle Isbel
16.) Josh Staumont
17.) Carlos Hernandez
18.) Emmanuel Rivera
19.) Charlie Neuweiler

Tier 3:

20.) Kris Bubic
21.) Kelvin Gutierrez
22.) Rudy Martin
23.) Brewer Hicklen
24.) Elvis Luciano
25.) Juan Carlos Negret
26.) DJ Burt
27.) Meibrys Viloria

Tier 4:

28.) Evan Steele
29.) Sebastian Rivero
30.) Trevor Oaks

Allow me to explain some things that I know you are going to have questions about, and please keep in mind that this isn’t exactly a scientific list.

  • The tiers that I use for this list are how I view Royals prospects only. Not how they compare to prospects in other systems. The Royals do not have a “Tier 1” MLB prospect (although Khalil Lee makes a case in my opinion), but I believe that there is a group of 9 prospects in the Royals system that separate themselves from the rest.
  • Jackson Kowar throwing 98? I’ve seen enough.
  • I had a hard time deciding where to draw my line between Tier 1 and Tier 2. I ultimately decided to draw it where I did because my “Tier 1” prospects are guys I am 99.9% confident will play Major League Baseball. Tier 2 falls under more of an 80% line. Like, I’m pretty sure Daniel Lynch and Blake Perkins are big leaguers, but there’s some variation there with a group of prospects in Low-A as well. The more I look at that first tier, the more I like it. Which is good.
  • Charlie Neuweiler is soaring up my list. The kid is 19 years old pitching in full-season A-ball and owns a 2.61 ERA in 7 starts with 36 K in 38 IP. That’ll play, kid. Make sure you know this name. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if this kid was in Kansas City by the end of 2020 (though 2021 feels much more likely).
  • My fourth tier was a bit of a struggle. I really like all of those guys strengths, but their weaknesses are glaring. Evan Steele hasn’t even pitched this season. Sebastian Rivero does not have a long history of hitting. Trevor Oaks doesn’t quite throw as hard as you’d like a SP to throw. These are fringe guys for me. All very capable of moving up, all capable of falling off of the list very quickly. I’ve got Oaks at 30, but I thought about him at 16 as well, as I think he can make an impact on a big league club in some capacity. I obviously opted for the ceilings of the guys in front of him.
  • Don’t forget about Michael Gigliotti. He’s got a real shot to be in my top 5 this time next season if he can get healthy. He’ll miss all of 2018 with an ACL tear but man, he can fly, he plays great defense in CF, and he can get on base with the best of him. If he gets healthy, look out.
  • I am unreasonably stoked about Yefri del Rosario. This is clearly a move of tools over results, though the results have not been bad given his age and level.

9 thoughts on “I Voted: My personal top 30 Royals prospects list

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  2. I’m surprised to see Pratto so high. He really hasn’t shown much in his first two years. Curious about what makes you put him in your tier 1 list other than #1 draft pick and pedigree.


    • It’s not all about results. The swing is advanced. Elite make-up. He’s hit well in spurts. It’s more of a scouting hunch than it is statistical analysis.


    • That’s a fair question. K/BB ratio is something I’m really concerned about. He’s gotten worse since 2017 in that department and he’s also not hitting the ball in the air more. That is to say, in an organization that has Salvador Perez, I don’t feel that Dini has made drastic enough changes to his game to stand out.

      Don’t confuse that with, “I don’t like Nick Dini.” I do. I just don’t know what/where his role with the team lies moving forward.


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