Royals Farm Report Week in Review: 7/29-8/4

We have counted down 99 Royals prospects on our top 100. #1 will come out on Monday. By now you know who he is, but for now, check out 2-100.

Yet… I’m not sure any of them are like current Royals prospect Seuly Matias. From my experiencing watching, Matias has been basically as fun to watch as any of those three guys were. While not even close to the aforementioned three in polish and overall prospect status, I’m not sure we’ve seen a more polarizing prospect in the recent history of the Royals. He may have a chance to end up a better player than any of the three guys mentioned above, he might flame out and never reach it past AA.

The last time the Royals traded for a highly touted outfield prospect from Milwaukee, it turned out really, really well.

Lorenzo Cain:

  • Age – 24

  • In 43 MLB games

    • 158 PA, .306/.348/.415/.763, 1 HR, 7 SB, 107 wRC+, 5.7% BB%, 17.7% K%

    • Hit well in the minors after struggling in 2009

    • Defensive minded player with some contact issues

I was lucky enough to be able to interview Royals outfield prospect Nick Heath.

Nick: “It’s awesome to know that the things we’ve been blessed with, like speed and defense are valued here. Makes us feel a little more at home, like we’re truly apart of this organization rather than maybe getting lost in the mix. They do a great job of reminding us what our game is and how we can help. Laying out what helps us move up which is the things that all of those guys you listed are doing a really good job of right now.”

Kort Peterson is playing baseball like a man possessed. 

Among Peterson’s many tools is his in-game speed that is backed up statistically by Fangraphs.  Fangraphs rates Peterson’s Spd at 7.7 which is second on the Naturals to Nick Heath who some rate at 80 grade speed.

Josh thinks the Royals should be targeting Connor Joe.

Aaron thinks that non-prospects still play an important role in the minor leagues.

Pedro Fernandez deserves a promotion, says Drew.

Marcus took a shot at guessing the Royals 2023 Opening Day lineup.

Starting Position Players

C M.J. Melendez (24)
1B Nick Pratto (24)
2B Nicky Lopez (28)

FanGraphs released their Royals prospect list. I had some thoughts.

I’m probably higher on MJ Melendez than most people, and I’m encouraged to see FG have him rated so highly. In my opinion, Melendez is one of the 2-3 best defensive prospects in the system, and his bat has been top 5 as well. The 19-year old will probably spend a year at each level, giving him a chance for a 2021ish debut, but I am excited for his future.

Josh wrote up a report on Arnaldo Hernandez and Jecksson Flores.

Joel wrote up a report on 2018 draftee Nathan Eaton.

Ryan O’Hearn made his big league debut this week. He didn’t disappoint.

Drew recapped the week of the NWA Naturals.


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