Minor League Minutes: 8/3/18 – Kort Peterson is on fire

Josh wrote up the recent success that Peterson has seen in AA. Take a look. At this rate, we could see him in Kansas City sometime next year.

Peterson has an efficient swing load and solid balance despite an exaggerated leg kick.  He also has shown a swing path that avoids ground balls with his current GB% being only 42.3% with the Naturals.

Josh also thinks there is an infielder in the Dodgers system that the Royals ought to check in on.

Why has Connor Joe turned into an offensive force?

Six words: HIT THE BALL IN THE AIR.  Joe has changed his approach and bat path to put the ball in play.  Check out his GB% decrease, down to just over 35% in 2018.

Andrew wants you to make sure to remember that not everyone is a prospect, but that doesn’t mean the role players aren’t important.

While the players I listed above are currently battling through the minor league season there are a few previous Royals players that I must mention that definitely fit the title of role player. The names that immediately come to mind are Irving Falu, Paulo Orlando, and Manny Pina.

Last chance to catch up on our mid-season top 100 before #2 comes out later this morning.

Here’s a list of teenage catchers to hit 10+ home runs in the minor leagues so far this season:

  1. MJ Melendez (15)

  2. Miguel Almaya (12)

Matthew LaMar over at Royals Review wrote one of the best articles I’ve read in a while about a group of Royals minor leaguers.

And for a quartet of Royals minor league players—Rudy Martin and teammates Nick Heath, DJ Burt, and Blake Perkins—Dyson isn’t just a nice story. Rather, for them, Dyson’s path represents their best path to the promised land of Major League Baseball. For them, chasing Dyson isn’t only a metaphor, but a dream.

What will the Royals look like next season?


It’s Salvy. It will always be Salvy. There is just no chance the Royals trade their All-Star catcher, particularly after what is looking like a career-worst season offensively. Salvy still has three years on his contract after this season, and with the Royals looking to accelerate their rebuild, they probably see Salvy as the captain of the ship.

What about in 2023?

Starting Pitchers

Brady Singer (26)
Brad Keller (27)
Jackson Kowar (26)
Daniel Lynch (26)
Carlos Hernandez (26)

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