Minor League Minutes: 8/2/18 – New guys carrying Omaha

MJ Melendez is our #3 Royals prospect. You know who’s left. Before #2 comes out on Friday, check out MJ and the rest of our top 100 here.

That’s it. That’s the list. In addition, here’s a list of teenage catchers to hit 15+ HR in the minors since 2006:

  • MJ Melendez

  • Chase Vallot

  • Tommy Joseph

  • Oscar Hernandez

  • Gary Sanchez (2x)

  • Jesus Montero (2x)

  • Sebastian Valle

Marcus took a whack at predicting who will be on the 2023 Opening Day lineup.

Starting Position Players

C M.J. Melendez (24)
1B Nick Pratto (24)
2B Nicky Lopez (28)
3B Gabriel Cancel (26)
SS Adalberto Mondesi (27)
LF Khalil Lee (25)
CF Kyle Isbel (26)
RF Seuly Matias (24)
DH Jorge Bonifacio (29)

I did something similar in October, check out how the two compare.


CF – Michael Gigliotti
SS – Raul Mondesi
1B – Nick Pratto
LF – Seuly Matias
DH – Eric Hosmer
3B – Hunter Dozier
RF – Khalil Lee
2B – Gabriel Cancel
C – MJ Melendez

Drew thinks that Pedro Fernandez is deserving of a promotion.

Fernandez typically attacks RHH with his fastballs and sliders.  There are a few change ups mixed in.  He can expand the strike zone with both his slider and fastball as well when he is ahead.  Against LHHs, Fernandez uses the two fastballs and change up most of the time.   Sometimes he will throw a back foot slider.  When ahead in the count, Fernandez does a very good job using the top half of the strike zone.  It’s something he has done more this year and I think this is the reason his GB rate has gone down slightly.

Why you should be really excited for the future of Brett Phillips.

Lorenzo Cain:

  • Age – 24

  • In 43 MLB games

    • 158 PA, .306/.348/.415/.763, 1 HR, 7 SB, 107 wRC+, 5.7% BB%, 17.7% K%

    • Hit well in the minors after struggling in 2009

    • Defensive minded player with some contact issues

I’ve been playing with some adjusted slash lines, posted over at Royals Review.

Nick Heath (A+)

  • Real slash line: .276/.391/.354/.745
  • Adjusted slash line: .229/.345/.505/.850

The poster boy for this experiment, Nick Heath doesn’t hit for much power to speak of. He’s very much a slash-and-dash type of hitter that relies on a high BABIP and crazy BB% to be on base at an elite level. He lets his legs take over from there. A potential 75-grade runner, Heath’s speed is no joke. He stole 29 bases in 53 games in the Carolina League this season, but was also caught 9 times. Those nine stolen bases cost his team a base runner, but those 29 stolen bases also gave his team a runner in scoring position without having to sacrifice an out. Nick Heath was sort of the reason for this experiment, and the crazy difference between his slash lines is the reason why.

Sean Thornton wants to know: Where is Dayton Moore’s focus?

Morgan Vogels from Kings of Kauffman looks for a role for Jorge Lopez.

New Jersey Superintendent Accused of Pooping On High School Track Resigns.

To that end, he notified Holmdel police on Friday that he plans to file a lawsuit over the mug shot authorities took after his arrest, according to the Star-Ledger. He claims the charges against him ― public defecation, lewdness and littering ― are all low-level municipal offenses and didn’t require a booking photo.

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