Royals call up Ryan O’Hearn

Without a corresponding move announced, there was this Royals nugget announced in the middle in a flurry of other major baseball news.

The first speculation that comes to mind is this either has to do with a Brian Goodwin DL stint or a Lucas Duda trade. A 60-day-DL move or release is possible too. Should be mentioned that O’Hearn isn’t on the 40-man roster, which is currently full at the moment.

We recently ranked O’Hearn as the #30 prospect in the organization.

I’ve been a fan of Ryan O’Hearn for awhile, but hopes on him of becoming a viable major league first baseman are running out. In the middle of his second appearance in AAA, O’Hearn has underwhelmed for the second time, currently posting a 92 wRC+.

Throughout his time in the lower-minors, O’Hearn showcased more in-game power than anyone in the organization, but that hasn’t translated to the PCL quite like I hoped it would. He’s in the middle of the worst power season of his career, owning a .169 ISO as I write this. He isn’t putting as much jolt into fly balls as he did in the past and it feels like he’s making far too much soft-contact than he should.

O’Hearn shows a very playable glove at first and can even move to the corner outfield positions in a pinch.

Approaching 25-years-old, time is running out on O’Hearn to hit. He’ll need a big second half if he wants to get a look in September.

O’Hearn has played first base and the corner outfield spots in the minors. He’s currently in the middle of a disappointing second season in AAA (85 wRC+). He’s also slashing .174/.260/.272 in the mont of July. He has hit lefties well though, so a platoon situation is a possibility here. Nonetheless, with the recent improvements and hot bat of Frank Schwindel, this move could be somewhat questionable.

Keep your eyes open for the next move. Lots of different possibilities.


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