Why are we still doing this?

Hey, Minor League Baseball teams, stop mocking people that you ought to be recruiting.

What the hell kind of marketing is that? Not very good, I can tell you that. I’m no marketing expert, but I can guarantee you that if I was just an average baseball fan and the local minor league team was advertising that, there is a 0% chance that I’d attend.

I don’t understand the mindset of some baseball institutions. Recently, @MLB on Twitter, the official Twitter account of Major League Baseball, was laughing at themselves for being bad at marketing their product.

Major League Baseball seems to think it’s funny how bad they are at marketing the best player we’ve seen in a long time that plays in the second biggest city in America. What?

Anyways. Back to this millennial thing.

I am 23 years old. I am considered a millennial by most accounts. I am also a die hard baseball fan (obviously) and prefer things to be a little more old school. I prefer a bonfire with a few good friends to a club at P&L and the lake to Padre Island. Which is just to say that, while you don’t have to sell me on how awesome baseball is, there’s plenty of people my age that need selling.

I also work in a high school. Last fall I student taught a class full of 14 and 15 year olds, and this fall I’ll be back in a classroom full of those same kids. I coach high school baseball as well. It probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that the average kid in my classes doesn’t watch the MLB. But it should concern you to know that not many of my high school baseball players watch a lot of it either.

Major and Minor League Baseball have some SERIOUS work to do to better present their game to this younger generation. Changing the game itself is one of my least favorite ideas to go about this, which leaves how you market the game to attract younger fans. MAKING FUN OF THESE KIDS IS NOT HOW YOU GET THEM TO COME TO YOUR GAME.

The Lexington Legends, the Royals A-ball affiliate in Lexington, KY, ran a similar promotion earlier this season:

“Millennials – we know you’re going to ask, so here’s what is free:”

Are you kidding me? Let me refer you to a point a follower made:

You hit this topic right on the head, Helen. Hey, Montgomery and Lexington, get a grip. Poking fun at a group of young people is one thing. Remember, I’m a huge baseball fan so the people that they are trying to cater to doesn’t include me. This isn’t something that offends me, it’s just stupid. I don’t get to see the revenue that teams generate from this, but somehow I don’t think that mocking millennials is going to draw more of them into your game.

Baseball teams, do us ALL a favor, instead of taunting the people who weren’t taught to love your game, draw them in with some kind of reasonable promotion (ya know, by being good at your job) and show them how awesome this game is once they’re in the stadium.

2 thoughts on “Why are we still doing this?

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