The Royals need to hope the Dodgers win a bidding war for Manny Machado

Rumors have been running rampant today regarding the eminent trade of Orioles All-Star SS Manny Machado.

Get the point? Everyone wants Manny Machado and it seems to have come down to two teams: The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Kansas City Royals desperately need the Dodgers to win this bidding war.

The LA Dodgers need a SS. They’re probably not going to be in the market for another infielder. The Brewers on the other hand have reportedly been interested in Whit Merrifield for a very long time. Here’s the problem:

If the Milwaukee Brewers land Manny Machado, which they certainly have the pieces to do, then Whit Merrifield’s potential suitors are -1. As much as I think Whit could help the Dodgers, I don’t see them pursuing a Whit Merrifield trade. The Royals should be rooting for the Dodgers to use Alex Verdugo, one of baseball’s tippy top prospects, to pry Machado from the Orioles and leave the Brewers still needing an infielder.

The Milwaukee Brewers have one of the better farm systems in baseball. The Kansas City Royals do not. If the Brewers’ interest in Merrifield is real then anything the Royals could get back in return would be huge for the Royals rebuild. If Milwaukee lands Machado, those dreams go down the drain. Not that there won’t be other teams interested in Merrifeld, just none that matchup as well with KC in a trade.