July 2: Royals Sign Two Shortstops

The Royals have signed two international free agents this morning.

Omar Florentino, ss, Dominican Republic
Wilmin Candelario, ss, Dominican Republic

Florentino is a switch-hitting SS who is described as lively and athletic by Baseball America.  BA also has Florentino ranked as the 18th overall international prospect for this July.  Florentino is a line-drive hitter who makes good contact.  Florentino is very good defensively and seems like he can make all the plays required of a SS.  He is a very good prospect who has some room to grow and add some muscle which will help his game play up.


Candelario is a SS from the Miguel Tejada Baseball Academy who is also a switch-hitter.  He has a slightly bigger frame than Florentino which provides a little more pop and leverage but his bat to ball skills aren’t quite as high.  That doesn’t mean he isn’t a good prospect, it just means he swings and misses a little more.  Candelario has good actions defensively and seems to be an explosive athlete.  You can see those in his video below.


Stay tuned with Royals Farm Report as we bring all the July 2 signings as we can find information on them.  The Royals are rumored to be connected to several other players as well.

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