Preparing for July 2: The Journey of the Players

The Royals cultural development trip got me thinking about where our Dominican players come from and the journey they experience on the way.  It got me thinking about what the Royals do to support these kids on their path to the United States.  It got me thinking about these guys as people and not just players.  With the July 2 signing period opening up on Monday, I thought it would be a great time to go back and look at the journey taken by these young players.

The Royals have an entire staff dedicated to preparing these players for their future.  The Royals also know that most of those players will not make it to play in the United States and believe that they need to help those players acquire different life skills such as career readiness, communication, and education.  My goal is for us to have a better understanding of our Latin players.  I encourage you to read both articles about July 2 I wrote back in January about how the players are prepped and what happens to them after they sign.

International Signing Period:  Before they are Eligible shows how these players are prepped for their tryouts.

International Signing Period:  After They Sign explains what happens to the players after they sign.  It takes a look at how the Royals prepare these guys.

If you didn’t read yesterday’s July 2 Primer on the Royals cultural trip, check it out here.

I hope you get a better understanding of where these kids come from and what it’s like to be an international baseball player.  My goal is for us all to better understand this process and see these guys more as people than just baseball players.  Have a great weekend and we’ll keep our July 2 coverage coming as these signings happen.

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