Preparing for July 2: A Look Back at the Royals Cultural Development Trip

July 2 is Monday.  This is the beginning of the international signing period.  The Royals have $5,504,500 to spend over the next year on international signing bonuses.  The Royals have been under a spending cap because they overspent in 2015.  MLB allowed teams to sign several free agents from the Braves at the end of 2017 using their signing pool from the next period.  The Royals signed Yefri Del Rosario ($650,000) and Juan Carlos Negret ($1,000,000) from the Braves debacle using space from their 2018-2019 salary poll.  That leaves them with $3,854,500 to spend.  They are linked to Wilmin Candelario (believed to be around $700,000), Omar Florentino (believed to be around $700,000), and Jose Freites (unknown).  That leaves about $2.4M minus Freites’s bonus to spend.

In January, the Royals sent a group of players to the Dominican Republic on what they called a cultural development trip.  The purpose of the trip was to help their players get a cultural understanding of where many Dominican players come from and was also an effort to help local areas that are influenced by the Royals Academy.  The players worked out at the Royals Dominican facility before going into the community.  They visited Yordano Ventura’s home town Las Terranas, held camps for the kids, did community service including painting houses, and spent time at the Casa Amor orphanage where they played games with the kids.  Please read about the whole trip here.

Royals Farm interviewed Richard Lovelady and interviewed Grant Gavin about their trip in separate interviews I encourage you to read.  My goal is for you to have a better understanding of where our Latin players come from and what they go through to play for the Royals.  I’ll re-post the articles about the journey the players take to get to the United States tomorrow.

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