Interviewing Royals prospect Blake Perkins

When the Royals announced that they had traded Kelvin Herrera to the Washington Nationals on Monday night, one of the first things everyone wanted to know was, “Who’d we get back?”

Well, we here at Royals Farm Report did our best to bring you that answer as quickly as possible. Check out our content from the night of the trade here:

Breaking News: Royals trade Herrera to Nationals

Scouting 3B Kelvin Gutierrez

Scouting OF Blake Perkins

No matter how much scouting we do on a player, perhaps there is no better source for evaluating talent than the source itself. In order to bring you a more in-depth look at Blake Perkins, read what Blake Perkins himself has to say about himself as a baseball player.

Q: The scouting reports are out there for everyone to see, but tell me a little about yourself as a player.

Blake: “I take pride in the way I play defense, so I’m confident in saying that I’m an above average defender. I run the bases well and have high expectations for myself in stealing bases. As a hitter, I’m patient at the plate with a good feel for the strike zone. I take my fair share of walks, but I have work to do still with switch hitting. It’s been an interesting process but I’m confident that I’m headed in the right direction. In summary, I’d say I’m a pretty laid back player that tries to lead by example, loves the game, and strives to be an impact player in every game on every pitch.”

Q: I hear you started switch hitting semi-recently. What hand did you originally hit with and what’s been the hardest part about hitting the other way?

Blake: “Yeah I started the first year I was drafted. I’m naturally right handed. The hardest part is that I constantly have to train my body over and over to do things at the plate that are second nature to me right handed.”

Q: That seems like an interesting tactic right after getting drafted. What prompted the switch hitting?

Blake: “The Bats saw potential and it’s a skill that not a lot of people possess these days. Hopefully it will enable me to have a longer professional career.”

Q: What pitches do you handle the best/not as great?

Blake: “I handle fastballs pretty well, but struggle with changeups.”

Don’t we all.

Q: Which part of your game do you feel will translate best to the next level?

Blake: “My feel for the strike zone. I already walk a lot but I think each level I go up that’s what translates the best.”

Q: What do you see as your most important development to become a more impactful hitter?

Blake: “Consistency and a more professional approach at the plate. I think I have all the tools needed to be an impact hitter, but right now I lack the consistency. Maybe not day-to-day, but week-to-week and so on. I still think I need to keep working on the best approach for myself as a player given my strengths.”

You talk about a self-aware kid. It’s no wonder the Royals like him so much. The kid appears to have a very high baseball IQ and that often translates well. The Royals put a premium on good people in their organization, and Blake Perkins seems to fit the mold. Royals fans, help me welcome Blake Perkins to the Royals family.

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