Scouting new Royals prospect OF Blake Perkins

(I value Adam’s opinion a lot)

OF Blake Perkins

Age: 21
Level: A+
2018 Stats: .234/.344/.290/.634, 1 HR, 12 SB, 13.8% BB%, 22% K%, 87 wRC+
FanGraphs Scouting Grades: Hit – 20/45, Game Power – 20/30, Raw Power – 30/40, Speed – 60/60, Field – 45/60, Throws – 50/50, Future Value – 40

Again, we’re going to have to trust the scouts over the stats here.

This was my take on the return in Gutierrez and, man, I feel similarly when watching Blake Perkins hit. He’s got a nice swing. He looks like a good hitter. “Then why doesn’t he hit good?” Well, I don’t know. The swing is short, it’s compact, it’s smooth, it’s clean, it just doesn’t make solid contact nearly enough to love the hitter.

So what can we expect from Perkins?

He’s going to run and field well. I’d compare him to Donnie Dewees Jr. a bit here. He looks like he tracks baseballs well, he’s a pretty fast kid, and he’s plenty athletic enough to stick in CF long-term. The bat is a much bigger question mark for Perkins but he also walks a lot more than Dewees (13.8% to 6%).

As of this second, I’m going to slot Perkins right behind Donnie Dewees Jr. in my personal rankings at #34. I’m not completely sold, but I think there’s a lot of upside here if Perkins can start hitting. He’ll report to High-A Wilmington where I expect he’ll play CF, the same position as Khalil Lee……..


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