Scouting new Royals prospect 3B Kelvin Gutierrez

Well folks, here we go. Let the rebuild commence. Let’s take a look at what the Royals got when they traded for Kelvin Gutierrez.

3B Kelvin Gutierrez

Age: 23
Level: AA
2018 Stats: .274/.321/.391/.712, 5 HR, 10 SB, 6.4% BB%, 24.9% K%, 100 wRC+
FanGraphs Scouting Grades: Hit – 40/55, Game Power – 30/40, Raw Power – 45/50, Speed – 40/40, Field – 40/45, Throws – 60/60, Future Value – 40

Well, looks like we better trust the Royals scouts more than the stats here. Gutierrez’ best offensive season statistically came back in 2015 in Low-A when he posted a 129 wRC+. His best since then was 117 in 2016 in A-Ball. He’s not been that good since.

Gutierrez actually has a nice swing. He looks like he should hit the ball better than he does. But to quote Brad Pitt in Moneyball, “If he’s a good hitter, then why doesn’t he hit good?”

We’ll have to wait and see with Gutierrez. MLB Pipeline ranked him as the Nationals #10 prospect going into the season for a reason. The Royals have a pretty good scouting department so I’ll lean on them for this one. Getting a couple guys like Gutierrez and Perkins for a rental in Herrera is a pretty okay get if you ask my opinion.

Here are some grades for the return from our staff:

Alex – B
Patrick – B-
Marcus – B

Gutierrez looks to me like he’ll be able to stick at 3B. He moves okay and while he may not be Gold Glove material, I don’t feel he needs to move to 1B (yet) from the video I’ve seen. He’ll probably slot in right away at 3B in Northwest Arkansas.

It’s nearly impossible to tell what Gutierrez will wind up being, but the numbers don’t look fantastic to date. Maybe the Royals thank there’s something there they can improve. As of right now, I’m going to slot him as my 35th best Royals prospect, right behind Xavier Fernandez (more of that coming soon :)).

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