Minor League Minutes: 5/31/18

Brad Keller pitched three innings of one-run ball en route to a 11-8 Royals win. Check out an interview we did with him back in January. 

Patrick Brennan gave us the weekly minor league review yesterday. 

Check out this draft prospect target written by Marcus Meade here at RFR. Excellent stuff. 

Two important issues stick out to me with his swing. 1) I think he struggles with consistency in that long stride. As a result, he looks off balance at times. Well, that and he swings all out nearly every time. After he plants, his hips open very early. I worry this will hurt him against off-speed pitches away. 2) The timing of his load is inconsistent. Sometimes, it comes as he starts to bring his front foot down. Sometimes, it comes when the foot is nearly down or already down. It makes his timing inconsistent.

Tyler Zuber in Low-A Lexington is producing an interesting line so far:

Probably the biggest Royals news next to Keller, Dozier had his first major-league home-run last night. Congratulations Hunter!

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