Minor League Minutes: May 25

It is Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is about honoring those people who have given their lives defending our country. Here is a short video from the History Channel about Memorial Day. Thank you to all of our service members.

The Naturals are giving free tickets for your good report cards! Take them up on their offer.


The Naturals send LHP Foster Griffin to the mound to face the 34th best prospect in the game in the Rock Hounds LHP Jesus Luzardo.

Jack Lopez walked it off for the Storm Chasers in a high scoring affair.

In case you missed it, MJ Melendez was named Salty POTW. Here is the Legends press release.

The Royals are expected to engage in preliminary chatter to set the groundwork for later trades.

Bartolo Colon turned 45 and the Rangers celebrated with a birthday cake face smash.

Wellington Castillo made a bad choice. Erythropoietin is a protein produced by the kidneys in order to make red blood cells. These cells carry oxygen throughout the body and would be used as a recovery agent and muscle enhancer in this instance. It is considered a blood doping violation.

Perfect Game Mock Draft 3 is here. PG has the Royals taking Nolan Gorman, Cole Wilcox, Kris Bubic, and Jeremiah Jackson. This is a high school heavy mock for the Royals.

The NFL has a new policy on the national anthem. Here is the story.

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