Much Ad(albert)o about Mondesi

In case you live under a rock, go ahead and catch up on the world real quick:

So, yeah. Adalberto Mondesi returned back to Omaha in a big way. He’s currently slashing .389/.389/.889/1.278 with 2 HR and 3 SB so far in 4 games with Omaha. Has he taken a walk yet? Hell no. Hasn’t really mattered yet though because he’s been absolutely destroying the baseball so there’s really been no reason to take a pitch yet.

All this sounds great, right? I mean, how could it not sound great. The Royals real top prospect (save it) is absolutely raking in Omaha right now at the ripe old age of 22 and is in his second stint of absolutely crushing baseballs at AAA. So what’s the problem?

You know what the problem is. Mondesi still hasn’t shown the ability to handle Major League pitching. His career slash line in the MLB sits at an abysmal .181/.226/.271 in 188 AB, and he’s struck out 70 times in those 188 AB. It’s been bad. But, please try to remember, the kid is STILL just  22 years old and has an incredibly bright future in front of him. The only question is, when is he going to get his next opportunity?

Alcides Escobar and his 878,900 consecutive starts don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. For now, that’s probably fine. Mondesi could probably use a little more seasoning in AAA and the Royals aren’t going to win many games this year any way. At some point, however, Mondesi needs to become the Royals top priority again and find his way into the regular MLB lineup, at SS.

Dayton Moore has expressed his concerns with Mondesi’s health, and rightfully so. Mondesi couldn’t even stay healthy long enough to break camp with the Storm Chasers this spring. With that being said, he finally looks healthy and ready to be a part of the Royals team in Kansas City. I have a feeling that time will be coming sooner rather than later.

The Royals re-signing of Alcides Escobar served two purposes:

  1. It gave the Royals a safety net in case Mondesi wasn’t ready for big league action and
  2. If Esky were to somehow hit around league average to begin 2018, he may have gotten you a bucket of balls if Corey Seager were to require Tommy John, or something.

Seeing as the latter won’t be working out, that leaves us with option number 1. Luckily enough for Royals fans, Mondesi has done everything but remove any doubts that he is no longer a minor league hitter. He may not be a very good Major League hitter yet either, but there’s certainly a learning curve for 22 year olds. If Mondesi keeps hitting in Omaha, the Royals will no longer have an excuse to leave him down there. At some point, the rebuild will begin, and the Royals lineup will feature Bubba Starling, Jorge Soler, Jorge Bonifacio, Hunter Dozier, and Adalberto Mondesi in the same game. No one except for Dayton Moore knows quite when that will be, but look for the Adalberto Mondesi era to begin very soon.

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