Minor League Minutes: May the 4th be with you

Happy International Star Wars Day.

Marcus broke down the next Jarrod Dyson in the Royals system.

His walk rate is what really strikes me. It’s pretty rare to see someone with an OBP 185 points higher than his BA this late into the season. He’s second in the Carolina league in OBP despite his batting average; the player in front of him is hitting .375. Martin’s 23% walk rate would be second in the majors behind only Bryce Harper.

Seuly Matias hit HR #8 last night, he could very well be #1 on the Royals top prospect list very soon.

That’s right. Your Kansas City Royals already have a top 100 prospect according to Baseball Prospectus. According to the staff over at BP, Seuly Matias ranks as the 75th best prospect in all of baseball. This surprised me, to say the least. But Seuly’s love in the rankings didn’t stop with BP.

The Royals will never be able to “win” the Wade Davis trade, but it could be salvageable. 

As good as the Royals were in parts of the 2017 summer, they got off to an absolutely abysmal start in April, part in thanks to an awful bullpen. Kelvin Herrera did not appear to be ready for the closer role and Joakim Soria was hit or miss early on. Scott Alexander was the lone bright spot in the bullpen but he couldn’t pitch every day. What the Royals needed, of course, was Wade Davis.

With that being said, Jorge Soler is on a tear right now.

The Kansas City Royals are celebrating their 50th season this year. In those combined 50 seasons, there have been 764 individual players with at least 90 plate appearances, including Soler this year. After walking last night against the Boston Red Sox, Soler’s walk rate of 18.2% is fourth all-time among Royals.

Clay Buchholz is no longer a Royal.

The Royals took game 1 of a 4 game series against Detroit yesterday, check out BP KC’s series preview here.

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