Eric Stout Makes his MLB Debut

Eric Stout made his MLB Debut tonight in the 7th inning against the Milwaukee Brewers. He was put into a tough leverage situation with an inherited runner on second base and the hot Christian Yelich at bat in a 2-run game.

First pitch: Fastball, 93 away on the black just above the knees

Second pitch: Curve, 84 away on the knees fouled off.

Third pitch: Fastball, 94 away for a swing and miss.

Result: Three pitch strikeout of Christian Yelich.

Ned was so impressed that he sent Stout out to start the 8th. Stout got ahead of Ryan Braun 1-2 before hanging a slider that got stroked into the corner for a double. Travis Shaw swung first pitch and hit a hard groundball that Lucas Duda backhanded and fed to Stout for the out. Domingo Santana was the next man up and Stout got behind 3-1 before walking him. Jesus Aguilar was after Santana and flipped a single into the outfield that drove in a run. That was it as Ned brought in Brad Keller to finish out the inning.

Stout’s line will read 0.2, 2 R, 1 ER, 1 H, 1 BB, and 1 K. It could of gone better. I would have thrown Braun a 1-2 CH running away from his barrel and not a pitch going into his barrel. But you live and learn and get better. I think Stout will be solid for the Royals and can’t wait to follow him, Skoglund, Junis, Hill, McCarthy, Keller, Burch, and any other rookies that come up the rest of the year.

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