Minor League Minutes: 4/18/18

We got you covered with another weekly recap, this one on the Omaha Storm Chasers.

Game six had the starting pitcher Heath Fillmyer pitch a gem.  He went 5.1 innings giving up only 2 hits and no runs with 4 strike outs and a walk.  Richard Lovelady came in to finish the game giving up the only run of the game on 3 hits and 2 walks including one that was intentional.  The bats were silenced once again as they failed to score a run on 5 scattered hits.  Hunter Dozier continued his assault on the baseball though by getting one of those hits.  Chasers loose 0-1.

Minda Haas Kuhlmann of Royals Review has you covered on all the happenings for the Royals minor league teams this past week.

It has been almost six years since Royals catcher Salvador Perez played in a minor league game, but this week he suited up with the Naturals for a rehab assignment. In his first game, he went 1-for-3 with a homer. Perez caught three innings for starter Glenn Sparkman, who ended up striking out six batters in five innings.

Our friend Alex Duvall writes at Royals Review that Major League Baseball has a tanking issue.

The first issue with tanking is pretty straight forward: fans are driven away from the game of baseball for years at a time. Think about what The K looked like on any given night in 2008 and in 2015. Huge difference, right? Baseball fans want to see winning teams. Going to a baseball game can take 4-5 hours and $75-250 out of your pocket on any given night. Between the time and the cost to attend, fans will obviously be much more willing to come support a team that is winning than they are a tanking team.

Lance Feyh of Kings of Kauffman looks at the Nate Karns saga.

Nate Karns, the Kansas City Royals pitcher, had the surgery last year. He wears his rib on a necklace as a souvenir. Karns, who looked good in Spring Training, was put on the disabled list prior to Opening Day.

Over at Fangraphs, Craig Edwards thinks that the Cardinals should utilize a six-man rotation.

The scheduling for this rotation is a little difficult to pull off due to the desire to keep Martinez on somewhat normal rest, but it is certainly not impossible. St. Louis doesn’t actually need an eighth pitcher in the bullpen, and never actually use one when they have an extra guy. They might as well do everything they can to maximize the talent they have available to them in Memphis and St. Louis. That means getting Jack Flaherty back to the majors and getting creative with a rotation that can make the most of a sixth man.

Twitter suspended the beloved Twitter account of @PitchingNinja

“I also understand that MLB has every right to protect its product,” he wrote in the email, which he shared with Yahoo Sports. “I’m most certainly not trying to deprive MLB of any value, instead I’m trying to create value by helping pitchers have a sense of community, learn, and appreciate the game. Rather than debate the legal matter, I am more than happy to give MLB all of my gifs for free or work out some other content deal that just allows me to use MLB content, as permitted, for fair use, to help pitchers, coaches, and fans understand the game. I would be happy to donate any content for free and execute a copyright license ensuring that MLB owns any gifs I create.”




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