Minor League Minutes: 4/9/18

In case you missed it, we previewed all of the Royals Minor League affiliates that began action last week. Here they are:

Seuly Matias is on a roll, hammering 4 home runs in his first 4 games with Lexington.

Four games into the young minor league season and Royals Farm Report #3 prospect Seuly Matias has already slugged four home runs in four games. The power we’ve been hearing about for a long time is starting to show signs in this 19-year-old Dominican big bonus signing.

Bryan Brickhouse made a return to the Royals this weekend.

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Matthew Lamar thinks the Royals are trying to be bad the wrong way.

It would be better for everyone if we all agreed that the Royals aren’t going to be good this year. It’s ok. That happens. It is functionally impossible for small market teams to compete with the same longevity of large market teams.

But, man, the least that the Royals could do is be interesting.

Tyler Dierking at Kings of Kauffman argues that the Royals really are rebuilding.

If you were to look at Moore’s pad of paper with each option on it. These were most likely his choices.

  • Option 1: rebuild around Eric Hosmer.

  • Option 2: play the young guys. Potentially playing Hunter Dozier, Adalberto Mondesi, Bubba Starling, and company.

  • Option 3: sign veteran player to cheap contracts in hopes to trade them in July while preserving service time of the younger players.

Eric Boston at Kings of Kauffman interviewed Royals prospect Walker Sheller.

“I think my desire to always want to reach the next level has helped me accomplish what I have. It’s that mindset of competing and wanting to show what I am capable of.”


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