The many different jerseys of the Royals

Do you know how many different styles of jerseys the Royals wore during the 2017 season? Do you know how many they will wear this year? If you don’t think you know then make a guess, pick a number out of thin air. It does not matter if you think you know the answer or you just made a guess because just like me your probably wrong. I collect game used memorabilia and, in my own mind, I have a decent collection. My collection includes all the main styles of jerseys that the Royals have worn over the last few years. So, I am quite familiar with all the different variations of Royals jerseys, however I was quite astonished to find out I was way wrong too. I’ll give you the answer in a bit but first let’s look at what most of us know.

Most of us who watch the Royals games throughout last season and over the last couple years know that there are five main styles of jerseys that the Royals wear on any given day. The Royals have two regular home jerseys that are white. The regular white jersey is the one you will see nearly every home game and has blue lettering spelling out Royals on the front and player name on the back along with the blue player numbers on the front left side under Royals or back side of the jersey. For the 2017 season, the other white one is the Friday home jerseys that had the blue lettering outlined in gold and gold player numbers outlined in blue.


On the road, they use a grey jersey with blue lettering spelling out Kansas City and blue player numbers in the same spots as the home jerseys that are all outlined in white.


In addition to those three they will mix in alternate jerseys several times throughout the season. The first one is a fan favorite that pays homage to the great teams of the 1970’s and 1980’s. This is the powder blue jersey that has white lettering outlined in dark blue spelling out Royals on the front along with a dark blue player number outlined in white while the back features white player name and numbers outlined in dark blue.


Lastly is the dark blue jersey with a simple white KC with powder blue outline on the front left side with the player name and number in the same style on the back. This jersey also features white and powder blue piping around the neck and down both sides of the buttons in front.

All of these jerseys also featured the Royals KC Crown emblem patch on the left sleeve and the ACE 30 patch on the right sleeve. These five jerseys should be the ones that are familiar to most fans because they were used for 142 of the Royals 162 games in 2017. That leaves just 20 games left in the 2017 season that they wore a different style jersey from the five above. Would you like to update your guess on the number of different styles of jerseys the Royals wore last year?


Beginning a few years ago, all MLB teams celebrate special holidays with special holiday themed jerseys. All teams will celebrate Mother’s Day (May 13, 2018), Memorial Day (MAY 26-28, 2018), Father’s Day (June 17, 2018), and Fourth of July (July 2-4, 2018) this season by wearing special holiday themed jerseys that were unveiled recently:


A different variation of these jerseys were worn for the same holidays last year too and was also the first year that they wore the holiday jerseys for the entire weekend instead of just the one day. The Mother’s Day 2017 weekend was played at home so the Royals used their normal home white jerseys with lettering and numbers that were pink instead of blue and featured a pink ribbon above the “S” in Royals and the KC crown patch was changed to pink. Memorial Day 2017 weekend was split between playing at home and on the road. Because of this the Royals wore both the home white and road grey jerseys with lettering, numbers and KC crown patch in green. Father’s Day 2017 weekend was on the road so they wore the road grey jerseys with lettering, numbers and KC crown logo in light blue with a blue ribbon above the “S” in Royals. On the Fourth of July 2017 weekend the Royals again played both at home and on the road. Their home white jerseys featured blue lettering and numbers that had stars and stripes in the background and added an American flag on the right sleeve that moved the ACE 30 patch to the right-side chest area above the “R” in Royals. The road grey jersey had the lettering and numbers in blue with red outline along with the added American flag and the moved ACE 30 patch. The Royals wore these six styles of jerseys a total of 11 games all together. So, if you are keeping track you will know that we are up to 11 different styles of jerseys for 153 games. We are not done yet so would you like to revise your guess on the total number of different styles of jerseys that the Royals wore in 2017?


We are almost done with the season there are only eight games left, how many different jerseys could one team wear in eight games? Well ok, yes, they could wear eight different jerseys but that would be too easy. The next couple jerseys have minor alterations that if you did not know what you were looking for you might miss them. On June 3-4, 2017 MLB held its Play Ball Weekend celebration which added a “Play Ball” logo patch to the team’s jersey. For the Royals, they were wearing the powder blue jersey and the “Play Ball” patch was located above the “L” in Royals. On September 1, 2017 MLB again participated in the fight against childhood cancer awareness by adding a yellow ribbon to each team’s jerseys. The Royals were on the road that day and were wearing their road grey jerseys and added the yellow ribbon patch above the “T” in Kansas City. These two jerseys were worn for a total of 3 games making our total 13 different styles of jerseys in 156 games. You still have time to revise your guess from earlier.

New in 2017, thanks to the new collective bargaining agreement between MLB and the Players Association was the players weekend. During the players weekend the players can somewhat customize their jerseys. The players could have nicknames on the back of their jerseys instead of their last name and included a special patch on the right sleeve that the players could write a message on. The Royals were on the road that weekend of August 25-27 and wore a completely different jersey. The jersey was a two-tone pullover with the chest and back in a darker blue and the arm sleeves more of a powder blue. The front of the jerseys featured the Royals script lettering in white across the chest while on the back the players chosen nickname was spelled out in white lettering and the player number was between the dark blue of the chest and back and the powder blue of the sleeves. The right sleeve featured the players weekend patch that the player could write a message on which moved the ACE 30 patch to the left sleeve replacing the KC crown logo that was removed. This jersey was used in all three games that weekend making our totals to 14 different styles in 159 games. Yep you guessed it, time to revise your guess if you want to.


So, what could possibly be left? Well, what’s left are some of my favorite jerseys. On June 24, 2017, the Royals celebrated Latin American Heritage Day by changing the name of the team to Los Reales. This was a home game for the Roya…err Los Reales so they wore the regular white home jersey with Los Reales across the chest in the same style as the Royals script lettering. On Sunday May 7, 2017, the Royals celebrated Salute to the Negro Leagues with their “Dressed to the Nines” day celebration. The jerseys that the Royals wore were modeled after the 1942 Kansas City Monarchs jerseys. They were mostly two-tone with a cream color on the chest and back with red arm sleeves. They also had black and red piping around the neck and down the front of the jersey on both sides of the buttons. The team name Monarchs were spelled out in block lettering with black outlines. On the back was the player number in the same red and black outlines and did not have a player name on the jersey. On the left sleeve was a black heart emblem with KC in red block lettering. The right sleeve was bare, making this the only jersey that the Royals did not have the ACE 30 patch on. Both jerseys were worn for 1 game each bringing our total to 16 different styles of jerseys in 161 games. That leaves only one game left for the season. Instead of revising your earlier guesses how about taking a guess as to what the last jersey is celebrating. I’ll give you a hint #42.

Ok, so I really hope everyone either knew the answer or at least got the hint but if not there is a movie by the name of 42 that you need to go see right away, it will explain everything. That’s right, on April 15, 2017, every player on every MLB team wore the same number on their jersey to celebrate the life and achievements of one player, Jackie Robinson. His number 42 is the only number that is retired across all Major League Baseball and every year every player wears that number on one day. In 2017 we celebrated the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in the MLB. The royals were home that day and wore their Friday home white uniforms with the gold numbers and gold outlines on the lettering. There was no name of the back of the jersey to honor the old Dodgers jerseys that Jackie wore with no name and the player number on the front and back was #42 on every jersey.

So, the answer to “Do you know how many different styles of jerseys the Royals wore during the 2017 season?” That answer is 17 different styles of jerseys. That is a lot of different jerseys and the trend keeps going up. As recently of 2012 the Royals only used nine different jerseys. So, between 2012 and 2017 the amount of different jersey styles almost doubled. The 2018 season is almost upon us and we have yet to learn the total number of jerseys that will be worn this season but you can bet it will be right around the same number as last year. The thing that may influence it is that the once again players will be wearing the holiday jerseys for the whole weekend. So, if they have both home and road games that weekend that will add to the number of different styles of jerseys they wear. The one I am most looking forward to is the June 30, 2018 game in Seattle. The Mariners and the Royals will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of the weirdest games in baseball. It’s the “Turn Ahead the Clock” night where the two teams will wear their interpretation of what their jerseys will look like in the future. Here is a look at the original game 20 years ago.

The good thing about all these different jerseys is that they are all sold or auctioned off for their respective charities. If you see the Royals wearing a cool jersey this season and you would like to try to own it you can take a look in the Royals Authentic’s store at Kauffman Stadium or watch online at the Royals Auction page. It’s a great opportunity to get a piece of the game and help someone else out at the same time.  The one thing to know if you are looking for a game used 2017 jersey is that you will not find one with the ACE30 patch on it.  All the ACE30 patches were removed by the Royals prior to selling them because Yordano Ventura’s estate was still in flux.  There is only one that I know of that was sold with out the removal of the ACE30 patch and that was the one Salvador Perez wore when he hit his first grand slam.  That jersey was auctioned off  through Royals Charities and therefore did not go through the same process as all the other jerseys.

With the 2018 season quickly approaching how many different jerseys do you think the Royals will wear?  I am sure that we will see nearly the same amount as last year mostly celebrating the special occasions and holidays.  One thing that they will all have in common is that they will have the 50th anniversary patch on the sleeve where ACE30 patch was in 2017.

50th patch

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  1. To be technical, the 50th Anniversary patch takes the place on the left sleeve of the normal Royals logo. The Ace30 patch was on the right sleeve, where this year, there is nothing there.


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