What on earth are the Royals doing?

It appears that the Kansas City Royals have made yet another move that totally defies the idea of a rebuild.

Rebuild. Reload. What ever. This is not how you do it. Miguel Almonte is a 25-year old RHP that posted an ERA of 1.86 in 29 IP in AA last season, and an ERA of 1.50 in 18 IP at AAA. He’s been injured. Often. I get it. But he’s also one of the most dynamic arms that the Kansas City Royals have in their entire farm system, and they don’t have many.

I don’t care how bad Miguel Almonte is hurt. A healthy-ISH Miguel Almonte…no…any SHRED OF HOPE that Miguel Almonte may EVER be healthy again is more valuable to the Kansas City Royals than a potential “Player To Be Named Later” or “cash considerations”. Miguel Almonte may never start again, but his fastball/changeup combo could have some serious potential in the back end of the bullpen, and the Royals need some help in the bullpen. While Kansas City is trotting out the likes of Blaine Boyer in the big league bullpen, and Kyle Lohse in the Omaha rotation, they just DFA’d one of the biggest arms in their entire organization.

Let me be clear, and fair. If the Royals were to receive Mike Trout or Andrelton Simmons in return for Almonte as the “Player To Be Named Later”, you’d never hear a single complaint from me. The problem with that, is that “Players To Be Named Later” are hardly ever worthy prospects. Otherwise, the two teams would have just named the player up front. As far as the “cash considerations” go, there’s a slim-to-none chance that the amount of money that Kansas City would get in return for Miguel Almonte would be worth what they gave up in the player.

We don’t yet know the entire story behind this trade. I’m not inside the brain of the Royals front office. There’s a chance that Miguel Almonte and the Royals organization were at odds with each other and could no longer get along. Who knows. We can reserve final judgements for the event that the entire story comes out. But on the surface, as far as a “baseball” move goes, this is one of the most mind boggling moves that I can remember from Dayton Moore and company.

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