Minor League Minutes 3/28/18

Minor League News:

If your like me and was at Werner Park in the cold and the rain waiting for the exhibition game that got cancelled. Here is what you can do with your tickets.

As stated on the back of each ticket stub, a Royals Exhibition Game ticket may be exchanged in-person at the Werner Park Ticket Office for a ticket to any 2018 Storm Chasers home contest for equal or lesser ticket value. Exchanges must be made in-person at the Werner Park Ticket Office, and may not be exchanged online or by phone.

Weekly MLB Draft Prospect Report: 3/20/2018 – 3/26/2018.

Royals Prospect Primer: High hopes for O’Hearn.

Royals News:

Flanny’s projected Opening day lineup.

Kansas City Royals: The Royals Have a Logjam at First Base.

The Kansas City Royals find themselves in an interesting situation. Eric Hosmer has held down the position for years, so it really did not matter who was in the minors. Now that Hosmer is in San Diego that mindset has changed.

Alex Gordon says he’s ‘not talking about last season.’ He expects improvement in 2018.

Alex Gordon walked into an indoor batting cage Monday inside Werner Park, wearing a blue hoodie and Nike tennis shoes. He stretched one foot on each side of home plate, a wide base for his first several warmup swings. They did not include any steps, the focus of the drill simply on timing the baseball’s arrival to the plate.

Return to Omaha for exhibition brings back memories for many Royals.

While Jirschele talked, Salvador Perez sneaked up behind the group of reporters and raised his hand to ask a question. “What happened to your hair?”
Jirschele rubbed his head, which is newly free of hair. “This is from managing Salvy down here a few years ago and then putting up with him at the major league level.”

How it can go all right for the Royals in 2018.

You don’t have to look far to find someone or even a large group of someones who think the Royals will be bad this year. They’ve all got solid enough reasoning, too. But you don’t have to look too far for reasons why the Royals might not be so bad, either. This Royals team has something that most of the Royals teams many of us watched while growing up did not have – a recent history of being winners.

How it can go all wrong for the Royals in 2018.

We’ve known for a few years that 2018 would signal the start of the rebuild. The team has been bleeding talent for a couple of years now trying to maximize the window. However, there just aren’t enough good pieces in the high minors (or low minors, for that matter) to restock quickly. This team is going to take a step back on the field.

The wildcard in the Royals rotation.

This rotation as a whole is going to be something of a wildcard. Will the Royals get good Danny Duffy for most of the season? Can Ian Kennedy return to 2016 form? What about Jason Hammel? Can Jake Junis resemble the pitcher we saw during his second stint in the big leagues last season? That’s a ton of question marks for the rotation of a team that signed Jon Jay, Mike Moustakas, and Lucas Duda to one-year deals this offseason.

Baseball Hobby News:

Quick Opinion Service for eBay Autographs Now More Visible.

Topps Gypsy Queen Returns with More On-Card Autographs.

All-Time Top Graded 1976 Topps Set Sells for $173,066 in Lelands Auction.

Top-Rated 1965 Topps Set Sells for Over $200,000.

25 Years Ago: Recalling Some Hot Cards of 1993.

Other News:

Chicago White Sox welcome back groundskeeper who wrongly spent 23 years in prison.

No, It’s Not an Alien — Here’s What That Tiny, Pointy-Headed Skeleton Really Is.

You Should Be Very Skeptical of Nectome’s Deadly ‘Mind-Uploading Service’.

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