Minor League Minutes: 3/16/18

Royals Minor League News:

Royals Prospects O’Hearn and Schwindel lead the charge in Royals win over Dodgers.

Kings of Kauffman breaks down the new MiLB rules changes.

In addition to each team earning a mound visit in extra innings, teams will also have an extra runner start on second base. This runner will be the last batter from the previous inning. The MiLB (Minor League Baseball) is hoping this will help speed up games. What it is doing is adding the potential for runs to be scored in extra innings. I’m not sure if this will speed up the game, but it’ll certainly change the strategy used in extra innings.

Interview with Royals catching prospect Chase Vallot.

Q: In the age of advanced stats and saber metrics, is there anything about your game that you’ve made changes to?
CV: “From high school to now my game has been relatively the same. Get on base and hit the ball hard. This past year my batting average was a huge disappointment to me. The home runs and the walks are there, but the strikeouts are what killed my average. One thing my coaches and I kind of talk about is, ‘Look, your BABIP is around .300, you need to start being more aggressive.’”

Bubba Starling is being shut down for a while.

Royals News:

Danny Duffy is named the Opening Day starter.

Our own Alex Duval goes Scouting the Enemy: 2018 AL Central Preview for Royals Review.

While the Royals front office has certainly spent an exorbitant amount of time studying the other four teams in the AL Central, I spent just enough time to quickly break down each team for you. Let’s take a look at the four teams other than KC that make up the AL Central, including projected lineups, record/standings predictions, and team MVP predictions.

Patrick Brennen looks at how The Royals have taken advantage of this weird offseason for Royals Review.

With the recent signings of the left over free agents and dwindling of this slow off-season, our full realization to how out of the ordinary this off-season has been has finally hit us. It’s been overstated, yet very true, that nobody saw the this quiet market for free agents coming.

Actor Jim Caviezel stands in for Royals coach Dale Sveum in photo.

Sveum had a medical appointment for a stiff neck and missed the photo shoot, so Caviezel stood in for him.
“That way we can photoshop the head with Dale in there,” Royals manager Ned Yost said.

Baseball Hobby News:

Lucky 7 Find Plus One: Family Uncovers 8th Cobb Tobacco Card in Dusty Box.

Topps “Living Set” Baseball Offers A Never-Ending Checklist.

Royals Authentic’s sneek peak.

Other News:

Danny Duffy is taking the closing of Toys-R-Us kind of hard.

Help out Puerto Rico recovery and get a chance at winning an Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez autographed ball.

How is your March Madness bracket doing?

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