Minor League Minutes: 3/8/18

Minor League News

Spring Training Prospect Report: March 7, 2018

Royals sign P Ricky Nolasco to Minor League deal

Professional Scout at 2080 Baseball Weighs in on Royals Pitching Prospect Foster Griffen

Kansas City Royals News

Kansas City Royals are all in for the Pornography Epidemic

Jeffrey Flanagan at mlb.com writes how Alcides Escobar vows to improve vision at the plate

Matthew LaMar from Royals Review explains how signing Moose to a 1-Year deal is not a bad idea

After 2019, the Royals pathetic television deal with Fox Sports Kansas City will expire. And if the Tampa Bay Rays’ new deal is any indication, the Royals could ink a deal that gives them $30-$50 million more per year than right now, which will coincide with basement-level rebuilding payrolls. Those factors will combine to result in a profitable organization before you factor in any other forms of revenue, such as ticket sales, merchandise, and profit sharing. So yes: they can afford Moustakas for one year.

NFL Free Agency Talk

Nfl.com gives free agent needs for each NFC team

One of the leagues best: Seahawks “Legion of Boom” has come to an end

Rams trade LB Alec Ogletree to the Giants

World News

Amazons digital assistant, Alexa, freaks out users by randomly laughing at any given time

The Lost Confession of OJ Simpson

A Hot Dog really is a sandwich


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