Breaking News: Royals sign 1B Lucas Duda

In what appears to be a surprising turn of events, the Royals have signed free agent 1B Lucas Duda to a one year, $3.5M deal. This comes not too long after the Royals wanted Hunter Dozier to try to win the Opening Day first base job. That seems less than likely now, and that’s a good thing.

Lucas Duda slashed .217/.322/.496 in 127 games with the Rays and Mets in 2017 with 30 HR. He’s not the most talented defensive first baseman in the world, but the man can hit.

Hopefully this means that the Royals are going to move Hunter Dozier back over to third. There’s no guarantee of that happening but it would be encouraging to say the least. Duda looks like the favorite to be the Royals every day first baseman in 2018, which will go a long way in helping the Royals offense to be closer to adequate.


One thought on “Breaking News: Royals sign 1B Lucas Duda

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