Spring Training Preparation: Scott Blewett

Royals Farm Report was able to talk with a few of the Royals prospects as they prepared for spring training this year.  We hope to give you more insight into what these guys do and how they prepare for a long season. Many athletes use the offseason to reflect on how they performed the season before. Scott Blewett, 2nd round draft pick in 2014 and the Royals #7 prospect according MLB Pipeline, has done just that.

Blewett’s off-season consisted of small tweaks as well as working on his mechanics to better improve his pitching ability for this 2018 season as well as big league spring training camp.

What have you done to prepare yourself for this season?

Scott: “This offseason I had a chance to reflect on the 2017 season and look at what I did well and what I need to improve on. This offseason I really focused on mobility which I hope will help with consistency and overall health to stay on the field. I also did a lot of training this offseason to get bigger, stronger and in good shape to reach my inning limit this year.”

Have you done anything different this year than you have done in years before to prepare?

Scott: “I haven’t changed my routine too much just small tweaks here and there in mechanics I also worked with a trainer this offseason for the first time in my career. Added some new workouts in that I think will benefit my on-field performance.”

What was your experience during early open camp? 

Scott: “I always like coming out for early open camp to get back in the routine of things. It’s nice being at home but being at the facility is my place of work and I like being around the guys and in a structured baseball environment where I can get my work done outside.”

Has coming to early camp in January prepared you more for big league camp?

Scott: “Yes, early camp like I said always better prepares me for the beginning of spring training and into the season. Getting the extra reps and bullpens outside allows me to transition into games much easier once everything gets rolling.”




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