Minor League Minutes: 2/19/18

Minor League News

Make sure to check out our notes on the Royals Spring Training invites before camp gets under way. First game is Saturday.

Maddie interviewed Chase Vallot about preparing for Spring Training.

Have you done anything different this year that you have done years before to prepare?

Chase: “I started working out right when the season ended, versus taking some time off to let my body recover. I would typically take two weeks off and then start working out, but that kind of set me back in years past so as soon as I got home I hit the ground running and I feel better than ever.”

Patrick made a place for you to watch video on all your favorite Royals prospects.

Major League News

Eric Hosmer signed with the Padres.

Now that he’s gone, what’s next?

The million dollar question now is, who on earth is going to play first base? Ned Yost said recently that Hunter Dozier will spend a majority of his time this spring at first base. Shaun Newkirk of Royals Review argues that that is a bad idea, and I agree with him. Dozier is a very good athlete with a good arm and doesn’t need to be wasting his time at a new position. Let him get comfortable in the big leagues at his natural position.

Check out some reactions to the Hosmer news.

MLB.com’s fantasy rankings for 2018.

The Royals top 30 list according to MLB.com will be released on Wednesday.

Winter Olympics

Medal count.

Competition schedule.

Another Russian doping scandal.

Other Stuff

Black Panther broke some box office records this weekend.

Should the Parkland school building where last week’s shooting took place be demolished?

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