Spring Training Preparation: Nolan Watson

Royals Farm Report was able to talk with a few of the Royals prospects as they prepared for spring training this year.  We hope to give you more insight into what these guys do and how they prepare for a long season.  With recent injuries under his belt 2015 first round draft pick, Nolan Watson has had to change some of his routines to become a stronger and more motivated pitcher.

I was able to catch up with Nolan after he came to Arizona for open camp in January before spring training to talk about how he has prepared himself for this season.

What have you done this year to prepare for the season?

Nolan: “I worked with a new rehab guy back home, and we worked on movement patterns and using the right muscles. He also helped me with my delivery and getting my arm on time. As well as working with the same strength coach that I have been working with since sophomore year of high school.”

Have you done anything different this year that you have done years before?

Nolan: “Previous offseasons I haven’t really focused on arm care and maintenance but since this past year I have been dealing with injuries I made sure this season I didn’t take that stuff for granted. So, every day I really make sure I hit that stuff hard because I don’t want to be hurt again this year.”

Has coming to early camp in January prepared you for spring training?

Nolan: “Oh yes, being around the coaches and some of the older guys I look up to defiantly are going to help me get the right information and stay motivated to get where I want to be this year.”

Who are your favorite catchers to throw too?

Nolan: “Xavier Fernandez and Meibrys Viloria.”


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