Minor League Minutes: 2/14/18 ❤️

Minor League News

Drew continues to break down the life of prospects who come from the Dominican Republic. This time, after they sign.

The Royals also focus on cultural assimilation.  What is it going to be like in the United States if you get there?  How do you order food at restaurants and get a ride using Uber or a taxi service?  They Royals provide these answers and even do a section of classes just based on critical thinking and how to make decisions.  They have cultural activities for the guys as well as a baseball history class.  They also focus on Royals history and have a class about baseball rules and situations.

The Royals signed a RHP out of indy ball yesterday.

Condra-Bogan works on the mound with a lofty frame, standing at 6’3″ 225 lbs. His fastball comes with heat, reaching the mid-to-upper 90s with his fastball. He also features a slider that works 83-86 and a changeup that sits 80-84.

Clint Scoles at Baseball Prospectus KC talked about some candidates for breakout prospects.

If you missed this story on rising prospect Emmanuel Rivera from January, check it out.

For Rivera, any version of the PRBL, even the abbreviated one of 2018, conjures memories of his childhood when he would go to Isidoro Garcia Stadium and cheer for Mayagüez — the same team for which he’s now the starting third baseman.

Major League News

Here’s a link to the complete Spring Training schedule for MLB. I’ll be there 2/24 and 2/25 for the Royals first two games. Any one else going?

Sam Dykstra of MiLB.com breaks down which top 100 prospects are fighting for MLB jobs.

Max Rieper of Royals Review tells you everything you need to know about Spring Training.

The Royals will play 33 exhibition games, including an exhibition game against their AAA affiliate, the Storm Chasers in Omaha, Nebraska. You can find the complete schedule here. At least 13 games will air on KCSP 610 Sports in Kansas City, with audio of all games streaming on MLB.com. Fox Sports Kansas City will broadcast ten games, starting with the March 2 game against the Padres.

Dylan Miles of Kings of Kauffman continues to breakdown why PECOTA and the Royals can’t get along.

It’s no secret that the Royals have seemingly fooled the Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm, or PECOTA, badly in the past. PECOTA is a sabermetric comparison tool used for forecasting player and team performance. In layman’s terms, it uses advanced past statistics and trends to analyze and predict how teams and players will do in the upcoming season. Although the system works for many teams, it hasn’t been very accurate for the Royals in years past.

David Lesky at BPKC asks three questions before for Spring Training.

Winter Olympics

Shaun White won the gold medal in the halfpipe with a crazy final run.

Chloe Kim “dazzles on way to halfpipe gold.”

2018 Winter Olympics medal count.

Other News

Someone put white powder in an envelope and sent it to the Trump family.

There is a rescue mission underway on Mount Hood.

Daryle Singletary passed away. RIP. 



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