Royals continue adding bullpen depth: sign RHP Blaine Boyer

Blaine Boyer is back with the Kansas City Royals on a minor league deal. Having pitched 15 innings with AAA Omaha in 2013, Boyer has been with four different teams since his stint with KC.

Boyer is an interesting case. His K/9 last year in 41.1 innings out of the ‘pen with Boston. His BB/9 was 3.05. His FIP was an impressive 3.59, yet his ERA was 4.35. One thing of note, Boyer’s career GB% in the big leagues is 50.3%. Last year with Boston it was all the way down to 34.1%. Perhaps a return to his normal GB% could help Boyer’s success rate in 2018.

Here’s an interesting article from FanGraphs describing the odd successes of Blaine Boyer despite his ridiculously low K%.

Here is our Commander in Chief on Boyer:

Boyer’s signing can be described as bullpen depth, at best, but hey, someone’s gotta throw the innings and maybe the Royals will catch lightning in a bottle.

One thought on “Royals continue adding bullpen depth: sign RHP Blaine Boyer

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