Is the Royals next top prospect already in the system?

With the Royals potential load of draft picks coming this June, some have begun to wonder if the next top 100 Royals prospect is just waiting to be selected in the coming months. The Royals haven’t had a top 100 prospect in the last two MLB Pipeline rankings and fans have been clamoring about who the next Royals prospect to break the top 100 would be.

Some would assume that it may take an outside prospect (via draft or trade) for the Royals to get a top 100. According to a major publication, however, he may already be in the system. Baseball Prospectus, one of the most respected baseball websites around, came out with their top 101 prospects yesterday, and, lo and behold, THE KANSAS CITY ROYALS HAD A TOP 100 PROSPECT.

That’s right. Your Kansas City Royals already have a top 100 prospect according to Baseball Prospectus. According to the staff over at BP, Seuly Matias ranks as the 75th best prospect in all of baseball. This surprised me, to say the least. But Seuly’s love in the rankings didn’t stop with BP.

According to FanGraphs’ top 100 prospects that they released today, Seuly Matias is the only Royal who received consideration for their list. I would assume that this would also mean that FanGraphs considers Seuly the Royals top prospect (although they haven’t released a list for 2018 yet).

While MLB Pipeline and ourselves both had Nick Pratto as the Royals top prospect, Seuly is getting a ton of love from some other major publications. It’s not hard to see why, really. Seuly’s tools are absolutely redonkulous (yep I said redonkulous). FanGraphs has given Seuly a scouting grade of (20-80) 60 for his raw power and 70 for his arm. Tools like that show massive amounts of raw strength, which makes scouts drool at the mouth.

This brings up a classic debate about floors vs ceilings for baseball prospects. We ranked Nick Pratto as the Royals top prospect because we believe he has a very high floor with the combination of a somewhat high ceiling. This means that we don’t expect him to be a bust, but probably not an All-Star either. Other publications rank Seuly Matias as the Royals top prospect for his ceiling. It’s probably true that Seuly has the single highest ceiling in the entire organization. The kid has legitimate 40 HR power in his bat.

The problem is that he could also flake out and never reach the majors. In 471 plate appearances across two seasons, Seuly Matias owns a slash line of .239/.314/.431 with 15 HR). That’s not great, but it could also be worse. Having dealt with injuries this past season, you can forgive Seuly for not quite breaking out just yet.

Royals fans ought to be excited for Seuly Matias’ 2018 season. He’s a good season away from making MLB Pipeline’s top 100 list and instantly becoming KC’s top prospect. Today’s Baseball Prospectus list certainly caught my attention, and just makes me that much more excited for baseball season.


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