The Kansas City Royals are apparently bringing back Esky

According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, the Royals are close to bringing back veteran SS Alcides Escobar.

The move has gotten a fairly unanimous reaction from Royals fans: “What! Why?!”

Trust me, I don’t know either. Unless the deal is a minor league deal with an invite to big league Spring Training, this move makes zero sense for the Royals, who just signed Ryan Goins as organizational depth earlier this week.

What ever the Royals plans are, they’re beyond me. Esky was literally one of the 2-3 worst hitters in all of baseball last year. If this signing blocks the path for Mondesi any longer than a few months, you can be sure that my current levels of anger will rise exponentially.

2 thoughts on “The Kansas City Royals are apparently bringing back Esky

  1. 2 days and the deal is still not confirmed. Not sure who or why it is being held up. I am sure it will eventually happen but seems interesting that Dayton threw water on the initial fire and nothing still set.
    FYI – don’t you think this deal is the direct result of the Goins signing. Esky was most likely expecting 2 years/$8-10M from the Royals. But when Dayton signed Goins, he suddenly realised he could go into 2018 spring training without a ML contract. I am sure that sent Esky to his agent and said get me a MLB deal from KC no matter what the terms.
    FYI2 – I predicted this all winter but expected it to not happen until early February. And I also expected the 2 yrs/$8M contract. Dayton is making decisions this off season on emotion and not good business sense. Keeping Ned one year to start the rebuild. Salivating over resigning Hosmer even if it means dumping several good players to pay his salary. Dayton and Ned need to stop living in 2015 and start living in 2018 and beyond or this team will go the way of the mid-90s teams that sank for more than a decade because no one had a plan how to go forward.


  2. Deal now done and causing near twitter meltdown with all the comments, some for but mostly against the signing.
    Royals have fans so confused now, don’t think any additional moves will shock them (FYI – Dayton said at FanFest they will be very busy before ST starts).


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