2018 Royal Resolutions

Everyone has a resolution or two they have thought about for the new year.  Some even have intentions of following through on theirs.  In the spirit of resolutions I have written a few for the Royals.

  1. Let the young guys play.  Let Mondesi and Soler get a bunch of at bats as the 8 and 9 spots in the batting order.  These guys just need to play and adjust at the MLB level.  Let Junis get innings and see if he becomes a mid-rotation kind of guy for us.
  2. Restructure the pitching development plan.  Encourage and allow your guys to use weighted balls and long toss.  The cookie cutter approach that the Royals have used in the recent years is limiting the development of our guys.  Allow these guys to do what got them to this level.
  3. Draft the best overall player available at 18.  No matter what position, what level, and who his agent is.  Don’t pinch pennies at that point. No deals to save. Take the best guy available.
  4. Draft the best two position guys available when it is our turn on picks 32 and 33.  We are still assuming we get 18, 32, 33, 34, and our CBA pick at 46 plus our 2nd rounder at 66. With 5 top 50 guys I say best available at 18, best position guy available at 32 and 33. Pick 34 and 46 would need to be NCAA arms I would guess.  Then go for your high upside HS kids who dropped.
  5. Promote the 2017 NCAA draft guys aggressively while allowing the 2017 HS guys time to develop.  I’m specifically thinking about pushing Gigliotti, Tillo, Steel, Zuber, Biasi, Capps, and maybe Hicklen, Cloney, and Snider next year while giving Pratto, Melendez, Neuwieler, Henry, and Willis time to develop.
  6. Make sure that Burch Smith and Brad Keller stick on the roster.  I like those two guys and we need to find a way to keep them for the entire season.
  7. Hire a few more scouting guys for this year as we have those extra draft picks and can spend big on the international side of a things again.  We need to have more quality guys on the payroll to help with this draft as it will set the tone on the rebuild.  Hire a few well know draft expert type guys away from other organizations specifically for the purpose of the 2018 draft.
  8. Give Kevin McCarthy the chance to throw more meaningful innings.  Again, let the young guys get at bats and innings.  McCarthy has done the job consistently, now reward him.
  9. Trade Soria and Herrera.  Again, going with the rebuild theme of allowing the youngsters to play.  Make Alexander the closer.  Fill out the rest of the pen with Peralta, McCarthy, Keller, Smith, Buchter, Mauerer, and one more guy (Almonte, Barlow, Broadway, or Flynn).  Allow them a longer leash Ned. Wins are not as important as development in 2018.
  10. Get at least four of the affiliates into their league playoffs and win the Texas League.  Winning creates a culture.  Get the guys to play for meaningful things.  Also, I am a partial season ticket holder in Springdale, I want a championship!

Dayton does a great job learning from their past successes and failures so I know they will have a few points of emphasis this coming season.  I named a few I’d like to see.  What about you?  Create a list of Royal Resolutions yourself and share them with us on Twitter (@RoyalsFarm).  You don’t have to have ten, just give us one of your own!

2 thoughts on “2018 Royal Resolutions

  1. I agree. Let the young guys play. In the same way, open up starting pitching competition to guys like Smith, Keller, Griffin, Gaviglio, Skoglund, Staumont during spring training and force Kennedy and Hammel into relief roles if they don’t keep up.
    And DON’T tell us we are rebuilding then go out and sign Hosmer, Cain or Esky. Maybe Moose on a 2 year deal that you can flip in July.

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  2. And thank you. Seems Royals Farm Report is the only site writing regular stories about the Royals this holiday season. The other sites have several writers but only about one new story every 3 days. And Flanagan is still rewriting stories from mid-December and making us think they are news. Always come here last because know there will be something new to read.

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