2017 Christmas Wish List: If you ain’t growing, you’re dying….

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying the offseason as much as I am. This is actually my first piece for Royals Farm Report and I’m really amped up because I get to tell Santa how I want the Royals to handle the Hot Stove season heading into 2018. I’d really like to preface this article by saying in a perfect world David Glass comes across an extra 200 million in cash hidden in his mattress. He would sign Hosmer, Moose, Cain and add depth and talent throughout the rotation and bullpen. If we could have it our way they would all remain Royals until the end of time, win the next 10 World Series’, and live happily ever after. Unfortunately this is not the world we live in. It seems the team is headed in a different direction…

Most of us at this point have a basic grasp on what this COULD mean. A legit fire sale of our favorite players, seasons with 90 to 100 losses, and the dread felt by the potential for another 30 year title drought. So what do I want for Christmas? I want misery. I want the pain and anguish that accompanies a FULL REBUILD. I want Dayton Moore and the Royals front office to commit fully to a building a new core in Kauffman.  Gut the roster. You see, unlike in life I believe that baseball leaves no room for half-assing anything. I believe it actually makes more sense to hoard draft picks, trade for unproven but highly touted prospects while freeing up cash to sign the best talent to long term deals. The Royals sit in a prime position to stock the cupboard with more picks in the deepest draft in years. A great friend once told me that in business, “if you ain’t growing, you’re dying.” As 2017 comes to a close, I believe most of us can agree that 2018 isn’t likely to yield better results than what we’ve seen the past two seasons. The sun is setting on a great era in Royals baseball history. Let’s expedite the rebuild an get started for the next one now!


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