2017 Christmas Wish List: Draft Picks

I want five 1st round picks for Christmas.  We are a site dedicated to the coverage of the Future Royals.  We are all huge fans of the Royals.  We want them to win.  But we also want prospects and the more the merrier.  


As the reader, you need to know the Future of the Royals and it is our goal to keep you informed about the farm so you can have that successful argument about the future with your in-laws who are Cardinals fans. We want you to be able to play GM and draw up informed and logical trades that include our prospects for other teams stars.  We want you to know the future so you can prepare for that 100 loss or 100 win season.  Knowledge is the key to freedom and power.  We want to give you that power!

Honestly, I want the Royals to keep our homegrown guys. I want Hosmer, Moustakas, and Cain to resign and have 5 more windows for World Series titles.  But at the same time, if it isn’t going to happen, let’s get it over with.  Therefore I want those 3 draft picks tied to those guys for Christmas before the actual holiday.  I want the Giants to sign Cain, the Cardinals to sign Moustakas, and the Padres to sign Hosmer this weekend.  And I want all those contracts to be for 5 years and $75 million or more.  And I really want draft picks number 32, 33, and 34 to add to number 18 and the sixth CBA pick.  Wrap them up, put them under the tree, and give them to us now so we can start filling our dreams with those individuals lucky enough to become Future Royals.

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