2017 Christmas Wish List: Water Spectacular 

It’s no secret the Royals are a little touchy when it comes to their fountains.  One touch and they will punish you to the fullest extent of the law.  If you haven’t experienced those ushers out there, they are like the Grinch who stole Christmas.

Fountains: If at any time a guest enters a fountain, they will be immediately arrested, transported to the police station downtown and charged to the fullest extent of the law.”

But those blue waters are so inviting.  Especially when you are trying to grab that home run your favorite player just hit or even that BP home run from that guy you can’t quite tell who it is.

My wish is the Royals would relax about the fountains.  I’m not advocating doing flips or a swan dive from the top tier into the lower one, but let me grab that ball floating in the water 3 inches from the rail. I probably won’t even get my hand wet doing it.  I understand water safety and the fear of the lawsuit, but relax, Royals. Don’t yell at me as I watch the ball soak up water until it sinks, over aggressive usher.  Maybe let me put a kayak out there a la San Fransisco Bay or the Allegheny River and try to catch those Mike Trout mammoth home runs.  Or stock the upper tank and let us fish while we watch a game and have a cold drink on a hot summer evening.

Let’s face it, people love water. And the hate that eminates from your lovely fountains destroys that tranquility that peaceful water brings to the atmosphere.  Let’s celebrate the holiday season and open the fountains for ice skating. No need to go to Crown Center, let’s go to Kauffman Stadium!

Photo credit: Greg S. from TripAdvisor

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