Updated Kansas City Royals Top 100 Prospect Rankings

The Kansas City Royals have made power moves of sorts this offseason, adding a few big time arms into the system, plus a stud outfielder from the Braves organization. With the recent additions of prospects into the Royals system, we need to update our top 100 for you. Usually we may not worry about it, but because so many of these guys fit into the top 30, we feel that an update is necessary.


Our method for determining our top 100 Royals prospects came from an aggregate of three separate top 100 lists. These lists were compiled by three members of our writing staff: Patrick Brennan, Alex Duvall, and Drew Osborne. Here’s the updated version of the rankings including the newest additions to the Royals farm system.

  1. Nick Pratto, 1B
  2. Khalil Lee, OF
  3. Seuly Matias, OF
  4. Hunter Dozier, 1B/3B
  5. MJ Melendez, C
  6. Foster Griffin, LHP
  7. Donnie Dewees Jr., OF
  8. Nicky Lopez, SS/2B
  9. Richard Lovelady, LHP
  10. Trevor Oaks, RHP
  11. Brad Keller, RHP
  12. Gabriel Cancel, 2B
  13. Evan Steele, LHP
  14. Scott Blewett, RHP
  15. Josh Staumont, RHP
  16. Heath Fillmyer, RHP (new to the rankings)
  17. Ryan O’Hearn, 1B
  18. Erik Skoglund, LHP
  19. Michael Gigliotti, OF
  20. Samir Duenez, 1B
  21. Chase Vallot, C
  22. Yefri del Rosario, RHP
  23. Emmanuel Rivera, 3B
  24. Elier Hernandez, OF
  25. Daniel Tillo, LHP
  26. Burch Smith, RHP
  27. Gerson Garabito, RHP
  28. Meibrys Viloria, C
  29. Sebastian Rivero, C
  30. Sal Biasi, RHP
  31. Scott Barlow, RHP
  32. Garrett Davila, LHP
  33. Grant Gavin, RHP
  34. Tyler Zuber, RHP
  35. Cam Gallagher, C
  36. Yunior Marte, RHP
  37. Erick Mejia, IF
  38. Juan Carlos Negret, OF
  39. Zach Lovvorn, RHP
  40. Andres Machado, RHP
  41. Brewer Hicklen, OF
  42. Bubba Starling, OF
  43. Anderson Miller, OF
  44. Bryan Brickhouse, RHP
  45. Eric Stout, LHP
  46. Humberto Arteaga, SS
  47. Charlie Neuweiler, RHP
  48. Ramon Torres, IF
  49. Kyle Zimmer, RHP
  50. Pedro Fernandez, RHP
  51. Rudy Martin, OF
  52. Jeison Guzman, SS
  53. Oliver Nunez, 3B
  54. Marten Gasparini, OF
  55. Chris DeVito, 1B
  56. John Brontsema, 2B
  57. Glenn Sparkman, RHP
  58. Dennicher Carrasco, 1B
  59. Jace Vines, RHP
  60. Travis Jones, OF
  61. Nick Dini, C
  62. Corey Ray, RHP
  63. Frank Schwindel, 1B
  64. Holden Capps, LHP
  65. Kort Peterson, OF
  66. Corey Toups, IF
  67. Marlin Willis, LHP (new to the rankings)
  68. Logan Moon, OF
  69. Jake Newberry, RHP
  70. Jacob Bodner, RHP
  71. Andrew Beckwith, RHP
  72. Cristian Castillo, LHP
  73. Emilio Ogando, LHP
  74. DJ Burt, 2B
  75. Arnaldo Hernandez, RHP
  76. Tim Hill, LHP
  77. Manny Olloque, 1B
  78. Rubendy Jacquez, 2B
  79. Anthony Bender, RHP
  80. Jack Lopez, SS
  81. Robby Rinn, 1B
  82. Cal Jones, OF
  83. Jordan Floyd, LHP
  84. Amalani Fukofuka, OF
  85. Vance Vizcaino, OF
  86. Brandon Downes, OF
  87. Andrew Edwards, RHP
  88. Julio Gonzalez, SS
  89. Travis Eckert, RHP
  90. Jake Kalish, LHP
  91. Nolan Watson, RHP
  92. Kevin Lenik, RHP
  93. Jonathan Dziedzic, LHP
  94. Delvin Capellan, RHP
  95. Jared Ruxer, RHP
  96. Joe Dudek, 1B
  97. Janser Lara, RHP
  98. Gabe Cramer, RHP
  99. Carlos Hernandez, RHP
  100. Isaiah Henry, OF

Photo Credits: Tony Gutierrez—AP


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