The impact of the Yefri del Rosario signing

When news broke that the Royals had signed RHP Yefri del Rosario, the guys at Royals Farm Report immediately started talking about how this impacts our farm system. He was the 4th highest ranked pitcher in the 2016 international free agent class, which should excite everyone that roots for KC. 

Del Rosario has been called the Braves best international pitching prospect since Julio Teheran by Braves prospect writer Andy Harris. That pretty much makes him a top 25 guy in our system and he might be a fast track to the top 10.  

MLB Pipeline has del Rosario as the Royals new number 25 prospect sliding in ahead of Garrett Davila and Gerson Gerabito and behind Richard Lovelady, Daniel Tillo, and Evan Steele. That’s probably a great spot for him in the pitching ranks, although I think Lovelady is in a different category because of being a reliever.  

In Rosario, the Royals are adding a mid-90’s arm who has a good chance to start with a supposedly above average curve and a quickly developing change. That sounds like a great addition, adding depth and elite talent to the Royals SP prospect group. Del Rosario has also grown 2 inches in the last year and added 15 lbs. There is a good possibility he is still growing since he is only 18 years old.  

Scouts aren’t sure that he’ll stay a starter long-term but right now he looks like a solid addition to the Top 10 pitchers in our system. I think he starts at extended spring and then goes to Burlington, but the Lexington Legends tweeted there is a good chance he suits up with them this year. I don’t know if they mean to start the year or because he is doing well and finishes the season with them, but it’s an exciting sign for Rosario nonetheless. There is a load of talented, young pitchers that are going to be fighting for starts at Lexington this year and now we can add a young guy with a mid-90’s fastball to that mix. By adding del Rosario, the Royals are adding a top notch international free agent talent that adds a really high ceiling to the group of SP prospects.  

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