Prospects We’re Thankful For

I’m thankful for many things this year. Faith, family, health, blessings, a steady job, being able to write for Royals Farm Report, and many more things. But following the theme of being thankful, there are a few things I’m thankful for in the Royals’ system.

The first is a AA team that is close to home.  Watching playoff baseball is awesome.  And I’m thankful that the Northwest Arkansas Naturals exist and have been a competitive team. I’m looking forward to watching all our prospects there again next year.

The second is prospects who give back. For example, MJ Melendez. If you saw on twitter (, he has donated Thanksgiving dinner to 10 families. There are many other guys who give back and it is awesome.

The Royals prospect that I’m thankful for this year is Scott Blewett.  In a system that isn’t given enough credit for pitching prospects, he has a chance to be the best RH starter. Blewett can run it to the mid-90s with a sharp curve. His success will come with the change up which he will continue to develop at NWA with Coach Luebber (who I’m also thankful for). He has good arm action and I can’t wait to watch him develop next year at NWA. In a system that lacks starting pitching talent, Blewett definitely gives the position some hope for KC’s future.


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