Prospects We’re Thankful For

This holiday season, many of us will stop and take time to appreciate things we so often over look. I’m thankful for my family, my friends, my girl friend, baseball, and plenty of other things I’ll forget to be thankful for.

If you didn’t see it in Drew’s post about Scott Blewett, guys like MJ Melendez went out and served Thanksgiving meals to families in need this holiday season. I’m thankful for guys like that who use their platform to better the communities that they live in.

I’m also thankful for the opportunity to live in a society that allows me to write about minor league baseball and gives us something to enjoy and look forward to in order to escape our every day routines.

One prospect that I’m thankful for this season is Foster Griffin. In a system that is so desperate for talent like KC’s, Griffin may be the only SP prospect with the chance to be better than a #3 in a big-league rotation. I’m not saying he will be, but he CAN be.

Without Foster Griffin, the Royals wouldn’t have had anybody compete in the All-Star Futures Game this past summer. Without Foster Griffin, the Royals would have virtually no hope of having any SP prospects (that weren’t drafted in 2017) with any kind of high ceiling in their future.

Foster Griffin brings a hope to the future of the KC Royals rotation that no other pitching prospect in their system brings them. That’s the hope that one day he may be as good as Danny Duffy with the ability to lead a rotation and give them a chance to win every single time he toes the slab. So for that, I am thankful.


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