Breaking News: Royals Announce 40-Man Roster Decisions

The deadline to protect minor leaguers from this December’s Rule 5 Draft is tonight at 7pm. The Royals have just announced some moves to their 40-man roster to protect certain players from being taken in the draft. Let’s take a look at who was protected.

Ryan O’Hearn: NOT ADDED

Like most of us expected, Ryan O’Hearn was added to the 40-man roster after a solid 2017 in which he hit 22 HR across AA and AAA.

Hold on, I’m getting something. Wait, what?

Okay. The Royals decided not to add their power hitting first baseman to the 40-man roster in order to protect him from the Rule 5 Draft this winter.

Eric Stout: ADDED

A lefty reliever who held LHH to the tune of a .193 BAA in 2017, the Royals are smart to protect him this offseason. In the event that Kelvin Herrera and/or Joakim Soria is traded next year, Eric Stout would be a virtual lock to fill out the bullpen. I’m looking forward to seeing him in KC.

Jonathan Dziedzic: NOT ADDED

Another effective lefty, I had anticipated Dziedzic to make his debut for KC in 2017, but injuries ended his season early. A lefty who could have some value for an MLB team in need of an innings eater, Dziedzic is a guy to keep an eye on in December as the Royals chose not to protect him on the 40-man roster.

Glenn Sparkman: NOT ADDED (again)

A 2016 Rule 5 Draft selection, Sparkman will more than likely be headed back to Toronto this winter. The Blue Jays were reportedly interested in reacquiring Sparkman at the trade deadline in 2017, after he had to be returned to KC when he was removed from Toronto’s 25-man roster. Sparkman posted an ERA of 2.61 in 3 appearances (2 starts) with Northwest Arkansas last year after being returned to KC.

Meibrys Viloria: ADDED

Catchers who can hit will always have value as prospects. Viloria fits that description well and, although he’s never taken an at-bat at AA, the Royals clearly think enough of the young catcher to protect him before the upcoming Rule 5 Draft. This move is similar to the addition of Samir Duenez last winter.

Tim Hill: ADDED

Tim Hill is a crafty lefty-specialist that dominated LHH out of the bullpen for the NWA Naturals last season. I have no idea why the Royals thought he needed to be protected from this draft but they clearly value the reliever as an asset to the organization.

Frank Schwindel: NOT ADDED

Frank “The Tank” Schwindel had a monster 2017, but doesn’t project as much of a prospect. The 25-year old may very well be taken, but the Royals made clear what they think of Schwindel’s future by not adding him to the 40-man roster.

Ascending prospects Richard Lovelady and Nicky Lopez weren’t added to the 40-man roster, even with potential debuts in 2018, because they aren’t eligible for the draft and the Royals have a roster crunch as it is.

What do you think Royals fans? Did the Royals add someone you didn’t want to see added? Did they leave someone important off? Let us know!

Photo Credits: John Sleezer—Kansas City Star

4 thoughts on “Breaking News: Royals Announce 40-Man Roster Decisions

  1. I think Schwindel has a 50/50 chance of being taken possibly by White Sox if they trade Abreu or San Diego if they move want to Myer back to outfield. Other teams with interest who may lose out on one of the many 1B free agents could be the Tigers, Angels, Rangers, Blue Jays or Rays who could all use him at 1st or DH.
    Why the Royals protected Tim Hill and not Schwindel or O’Hearn is beyond me. I am also a little surprised they protected Eric Stout, not because he deserved to be protected but he is another (like Whit and Boni) who the Royals have not valued highly in the past.


    • FYI, the one thing that may save the Royals losing Schwindel is Mike Ford is highly rated, a 1st baseman and left exposed by the Yankees. Ford may go over Schwindel meaning two teams would have to take a flier on a 1st/DH for Frank to also get picked.
      Although getting drafted might be the best opportunity for Schwindel as it appears the Royals don’t see his value even though 1st base may be an open competition next year.
      You would think after almost giving Whit away twice, the Royals would think differently.


    • I really don’t think Schwindel or O’Hearn get taken. O’Hearn would go before Schwindel too. Schwindel doesn’t walk enough to think he could succeed in the MLB, advanced pitchers would eat him alive. O’Hearn’s wRC+ at AAA last year was like 99. Neither are MLB ready yet. Too many other options for teams at 1B. Tim Hill was dominant against lefties last year at AA and more than likely could’ve been taken by a team like Boston.


  2. This is coming from Frank Schwindel and Mike Fords hitting coach from N.J,Let’s talk about Frank the Tank,Mind you I have also scouted for for 5 years,Frank has always been a rbi machine ever since high school,he out hit Mike Trout, please do your homework about Mike Ts senior year,18 Hrs 45 Rbis,Frank S junior year 48 rbis,SENIOR Year 52rbis,,Do people understand that triple A pitching today is extremely close to MLB.To say that Frank would have no shot against big league arms is crazy also the fact that he would have major league hitters in the same lineup would help him tremendously.I have trained him to also be in control and your job as a 3/4/5 batter in a lineup is that you have a bat in your hand (your job is to hit the ball) walking are for people that you see at the track talking to their friends,,,And Walking,cmon Man,,,I could see if he strikes out a lot which he does not,he averages 80/85 a year.Like I said in the beginning of the year,Frank will hit 25/30 homers and drive in 100 rbis,,If you put him in a hitters friendly ballpark like Yankee Stadium or Boston,,he would be tremendous,only time will tell,Frank the Tank will make a impact in a MLB lineup..If any GM would have any sense they would hire me,,the fact that Frank the Tank has one Minor League player of the year twice for KC,and Mike Ford a no drafted player (which Mike was voted best Minor league hitter 2017 Yankees farm system).wake up,,,,they both hit 4th in double A and triple A,,Thanks for reading,In all honestly,I have been blessed to work with two great young men,They are big leaguers on and off the field,,They come from hall a fame families 😄


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